The Plan

There’s a long way to “Health as a Basic Human Right”, Free Healthcare for Everybody. We need to start somewhere, periodically deliver something progressively useful, and keep going.

To succeed, we need help: hosting, contributors, donations to hire staff (including software & hardware engineers, medical doctors). All content, code, data & designs is Open Source.

Phase 1: Prevention

Milestone Start Due Status
A. Best practices guides 2017-05 2017-08 Done
B. Prevention reminders: Private individual accounts
offering tests & supplement reminders
2017-12 2018-02 Done

Phase 2: Diagnosis with Open Source Software & Open Data

Open Source Software (Affero GPL license) & Open Data

Unlike other projects which abuse the term “Open” by offering an “Open API”, we’re actually serious: build a diagnosis tool fully Open. The tool would be almost useless without data, so we’re also making all data available for free to any individual & institution, as we collect & process it.

Rely on data uploaded by individuals, with all Personally identifiable information (PII) removed.

Milestone Start Due Status
A. Electronic health record (EHR) for individuals
Upload & anonymize test results (eg. blood tests, scan images)
2018 - -
B. Manage conditions - - -
B. Manage symptoms - - -
C. Integrate with HumanDX, provide candidate conditions, perform differential diagnosis - - -
D. Conversational bot to identify diagnosis
Use software, knowledge databases & medical doctors.
Only a doctor can give/approve a final diagnosis.
2019 - -
E. Imaging diagnosis
Analyze radiology, ultrasound, CT & MRI scans
2019 - -
F. Analyze capsule endoscopy, flag areas to be double-checked by doctors - - -
G. Genomic analysis? see DeepVariant - - -
H. Blood test results web interface for labs - - -
I. Collect more data & use AI for even more personalized actions - - -

There are already companies doing parts of this, but software and data are private (eg. DXplain).

Phase 3: Cheaper diagnosis tools

Using Open source hardware design & Open source software, bring down the costs of periodic checkups and other tests.

Milestone Start Due Status
A. Saliva testing - - -
B. Urine testing - - -
C. Stool testing - - -
D. Blood testing
Detect cancer early using microRNAs. Example, example
- - -
E. Ultrasound
example: $500 ultrasound device that each family can buy.
Phone to guide & visualize.
Upload to cloud for automatic analysis.
- - -
tough one. How to reduce costs though? Develop safer contrast dyes.
- - -

Phase 4: Prescribe treatments


Phase 5: Develop software tools for treatment research


eg Software to simulate cells, help researchers discover & test treatments (example, example). How could it help discover this or this?

Phase 6: Keep us young (Juvenile) longer

Not aiming to increase longevity, just manage to get to 90 years old with a 50 year old body. Same lifespan, but stay fully healthy & active for most of it. Healthspan should match lifespan. TBD

Get involved

This project cannot be done by one team, or one company. Please get involved and contribute

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