Get Involved

Everything is Free & Open Source. This project is not run by a company with a for-profit agenda, so we need your help.


Here’s a public board with planned short-term specific actions. Feel free to pick any of those, or start on something else that might benefit.

Here’s the long term plan.

Introduce yourself and discuss.

Overview of areas you can contribute to:

Medical Data

Upload your medical data fully anonymized, and give your consent to share it publicly, for free. All Personally identifiable information (PII) is removed.


All software is Open Source:

Please contribute patches and new modules.


Help with registering a non-profit organization, public relations, advocacy, fund raising etc. Contact us

Financial support

Making a donation is the simplest way to contribute.

Medical Expertise

Are you a doctor? Please get involved with the Human Diagnosis Project, which we integrate with for diagnosis.


Marius Andreiana

Founder. Started this project after my mother died of late-found cancer.
Worked at Oracle, Adobe, built my own successful startup.