Health as a Basic Human Right

Healthcare is ridiculously expensive. We believe Health should be universally accesible. While no country or company has the resources to make that happen now, we can start to work towards this long-distant goal, instead of just saying it’s an utopian dream. The plan is to deliver every few months something progressively useful.

Everything is Free & Open Source.

Prevention & Early Detection

Healthcare industry is mostly “Sickcare”: it focuses on getting the sick back in health. There’s too little attention in keeping the healthy in health. Economic incentives encourage overuse of services by favoring procedural over cognitive tasks (e.g. surgery versus behavior-change counseling) and specialty over primary care.

Preventing is easier than treating. Detecting illness early makes it easier to fight (if not defeat), compared to an advanced stage.

Global Pharmaceutical Industry revenues are continuosly rising, passing over one trillion USD in 2014 alone. That’s more than 1,000 billions each year. Prevention is simply not aligned with industry goals, as it decreases revenue.

Top Health-influencing Factors

We’ve put together a free, comprehensive list of top factors influencing your health, in a practical way that you can start acting on today:

Learn how to maximize your health

Periodic Checkups

See the list of checkups that you should do periodically.

(personal motivation: co-founder’s mother died of late-found cancer)

Prevention Dashboard

Get reminders with actions & supplements to maximize your health, and tests to discover problems early:

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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Keep your medical history in one place, fully anonymized. Get a private link to share with your doctors, so they have a complete overview of your medical history on every consultation.

All data is fully anonymized. The only Personally identifiable information (PII) that we keep is your email, which will never be shared publicly.

With your consent for every uploaded record, we plan to publicly share anonymized health records, for free, for the common good: help researchers, doctors, companies, students find patterns (example), insights and new treatments.

For example, researchers used more than 1,000 deidentified patient X-rays to train a deep-learning network to detect tuberculosis. The network had close to a 100% accuracy rate, which could be especially promising in areas with shortages of radiologists.

Get a quick diagnostic (coming soon)

Enter your symptoms to get advice on possible causes, and tests to be done. You still need to go to a doctor, but this helps identify most likely diagnosis, helping you

  • learn more about it and go prepared
  • go directly to the proper specialty, instead of being sent from one doctor to another
  • identify tests that your doctor will probably require anyway before making a diagnosis

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