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JuvMed enables medical staff spend more time on patients
through effective, powerful and affordable healthcare management software.


Effectively handle scheduling patient visits across multiple locations. Automatic email & SMS confirmations.

24/7 Online booking

Let your site visitors easily schedule by themselves new appointments and become your patients.

SMS Reminders

Send SMS confirmation requests and reminders for appointments. Patients can confirm with 1 click.

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Modern software for your clinical practice

Manage Appointments

Quickly schedule appointments. Everything works on mobile phones too, so you can make adjustments wherever you are.

Reduce no-shows by automatically sending SMS and email reminders.

Increase revenue and save your staff time by enabling 24/7 patients self-service to book new appointments or change existing ones, within your up-to-date schedule.

Automatic Room booking based on each practitioner preferences and therapy requirements.

Flexible Staff scheduling

Schedule practitioners, nurses and receptionists across multiple locations.

Keep track of bookable resources, such as rooms and equipment.

24/7 Patient portal

Increase your revenue by enabling online booking of new appointments by visitors of your website or Facebook page.

Patients can confirm, cancel or change their appointments (within your availability) in an easy interface with your branding, optimized for mobile smartphones. Ease of use and profesionalism increase loyalty and referrals.

Define specific requirements for each appointment type, further used to propose open times for easy & accurate online booking.

With 24/7 availability, let anyone become your patient during evenings and weekends, giving them peace of mind knowing they are on track to solve their problem.

Keep track of expiring consents/documents/etc for your patients.


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